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Jacco Bikker
(aka The Phantom)
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E-Mail: phantom@goright.to

   07/05/2000, Tech File Update

Wow. We had an incredible day of hardcore coding here at Davilex. This morning, Jaap sqeezed two more frames out of the DirectX rasterizer (on top of the already awesome 10fps we were getting yesterday :) while I was doing a major restructuring of the pipeline. Do you know that feeling of changing something, changing another something before the first change actually compiles, then you just boldly kick out one of the core classes, which results in 2k errors, with a project deadline just a couple of weeks away? :) We made it before lunchtime, and we had a good game of table-foodball downstairs. Jaap lost terribly (actually, well, ehm, I lost. But only slightly).

Our data structures are starting to look good now: It's a fully hierarchical scenegraph, complete with automatically updated bounding spheres for nodes and hierarchies of nodes (that's what I implemented this morning). Now if I only could understand Jaap's hull calculation code... By the way: I got an e-mail from a Yugoslavian coder (check out http://pc.ign.com/news/21389.html), about my previous techfile update. In my previous update I suggested that the Yugoslavian football team deserved a defeat, especially since one of the players' names is 'Milosovic'. I hereby state that there are also cool Yugoslavian people, and they might even be playing football. :) Yooyo: Good luck with your game! O yeah, one last thing: What's wrong with this line: unsigned long offset = -1; :)

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