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Jacco Bikker
(aka The Phantom)
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E-Mail: phantom@goright.to

   01/05/2000, A Little Update For The Techfile

Hmm... The 3D engine for the garden project is almost finished. It's looking great, for a software renderer. Jaap has started some coding on a Direct3D rasterizer (yep, he's coding during his holidays - He's a workaholic - By the way, we haven't even decided which API we will use - Direct3D or OpenGL, any suggestions?) so all hardware accelerated 3D dudes will also like the engine. :) Today Willem H. de Boer will also start at Davilex. :) That means that about all the well-known Dutch Flipcode dudes are now working here. If you feel that you are also a well-known Dutch coder, send me an e-mail, and we will straighten things out. :) Anyway, I hope Willem will have a good time here. I'm pretty sure he will. In the meantime, I'm starting my investigations on 'skeletal animation' and stuff like that... A completely new topic for me. As soon as we have something cool running in the garden, I'll post another demo. Oh, by the way, this update was requested by Sascha Salevsky. There you are. :)

That's all, have a very good new millenium!

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