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Jacco Bikker
(aka The Phantom)
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E-Mail: phantom@goright.to

   06/22/1999, No Subject

Wow. I had a lot of fun with the kd-tree/mini-bsp compiler. It's actually working now, and the renderer that I hacked into 'FocusII' actually accepts it, and draws the set front-to-back or vice versa, which is a cool thing. I'm now going to migrate the FocusI rasterization code (including the c-buffer) to FocusII, and then the first basic implementation of 'algorithm 2' will be done... I exchanged some e-mails with Edward, Chris, Conor, Martin and Jaap about various things that can be done different with algo 2. Like: Local c-buffers, unsorted nodes, local s-buffers, and a whole lot more... I'm really starting to like this approach VERY much. O, by the way, I'll release the code for FocusII next week. No idea what the status of it will be by then, but I'm starting a new job (with some sort of an NDA) so this might be my last chance to release the work that I did in my spare time to the public. I hope to release more, but I can't guarantee it... Anyway, the release will contain:
  • Very generic polygon/vertex/coordinate/math classes plus a good memory manager for the basic classes;
  • A fully functional 3D clipper and lots of other generic methods for the generic classes;
  • A kick-ass kd-tree compiler with mini-bsp's in the final nodes;
  • A very basic renderer.
  • Should be interesting stuff to have a look at.

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