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Jacco Bikker
(aka The Phantom)
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E-Mail: phantom@goright.to

   07/26/1999, No Subject

So, what's the Phantom doing lately? Well, first, he got himself another kid. A son, in fact, which is incredibly cool. All went well, it's a hairy dude, and he sleeps all night. Ain't I lucky? :) And another big change in my life: I started working for Davilex. This is the most 'occupying' job I ever had, so that's the reason things are a bit silent lately. I am currently solving some bugs in Genesis3D, and in the near future I will start doing speed optimizations for this engine. Within a few months we will (very probably) start working on our own engine, which will be 'rather cool'. As soon as I have more solid info on this new engine, I'll post it. Right now, I don't think I can go into details, but it's quite easy to guess in which direction we're looking. :) I have a small request too: If you are a good Dutch 3D coder, and you wish to work on games in a well-organized company, please contact me, as Davilex is looking for 3D and generic game coders right now! More later.

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