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Jacco Bikker
(aka The Phantom)
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E-Mail: phantom@goright.to

   04/28/1999, No Subject

OK, some quick update for those who are interested in what I'm working on:
  • Visibility system, using a combination of kd-trees and a 2D version of the beamtree (hoping that transforming into screen space is cheaper than maintaining a real beamtree, also hoping that my ideas about real-time beamtree simplification and screen space coherence work)
  • Generic kd-tree compiler, idea came from Chris Babcock (friend of Harmless). Compiler subdivides using kd-tree algorithm until stop-criterium is reached, then it subdivides the polygons in the node using BSP. Good thing is, such a compiler can also be used as a pure BSP compiler, by stopping at the first kd-tree node. It's a perfect tool for spatial subdivision experiments that way.
  • FocusII, which is mostly just a subset of Focus. The idea is to create a set of really generic libraries that I can use for all kinds of 3D applications. Completed so far: Generic screen handling. I can write a windows app that displays something in just 4 lines of C code. Nothing fancy, nothing special, it just saves me a lot of time. Generic polygon structure stuff is almost complete (I'm using it for the compiler already), and some other things are in the works. Difficult part is always keeping things generic...
  • That's it. I have only an hour or so each day to code... That sucks. Progress is going slowly, but that gives me lots of time to think. :)

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