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Jacco Bikker
(aka The Phantom)
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E-Mail: phantom@goright.to

   11/04/1999, No Subject

Wow, I'm not exactly updating often, am I? :) Anyway, I'm having an aweful lot of fun here at Davilex, especially since Jaap joined me. Currently, we are building another 'ultimate 3D engine', for our inhouse projects. Despite the fact that everyone claims to be developing the 'next generation engine' with new features 'x' and 'z', I really think this is going to be something special. We are at the moment not shooting for spectacular features, but rather for a rock solid design that should last a few years. Our engine is build to be enhanced: Rasterizers can simply be plugged in, and even the renderer core is ready to be replaced by something better. Maybe I'll write a cool doc on the design philosophy of our engine somewhere in the near future, now that the dust of the first frantic hacking and design sessions is gone.

Jaap is doing very well, by the way, this is a dude to look out for. He's currently brushing up on his rasterizer coding skills, and has some rather bright ideas on engine design and C coding. Anyway, I guess by now it's quite clear I'm having a good time. :) I'll try to keep you informed.

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