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Jacco Bikker
(aka The Phantom)
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E-Mail: phantom@goright.to

   06/26/2000, Tech File Update

Hi all! Last night we had a lot of fun watching football... The Dutch team completely wasted the Joegoslavia people, with a 6-1 score... It was a disgrace. Must be terrible for those poor guys... O well, I guess they where asking for it with one guy named 'Milosovic'. ;) Anyway, back to the 3D stuff: Jaap and I are finishing Austin3D for our second product: An interior design package that will be in stores all over Holland by the end of September. We added a lot of cool things to the solid base that Austin already is: An extremely fast lightmap compiler, environment mapping, cartoon rendering and collision detection, amongst other things. Two students that where helping us out the last six months added support for 3DS Max scenes (using Austin as a previewing plugin, awesome!) and some Max animation. Things are really busy here, since we're still working with 1.5 persons on this project... So please forgive me my less-than-frequent updates and the total lack of tutorials lately. Anyway, back to the code, Jaap tends to mess things up when I'm not looking. :) Kinda like those Joegoslavian people. :)

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