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Tane Piper
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E-Mail: tane@crytek.com

   07/10/2000, New Job, New Ideas

Well, its been a few weeks since I last updated, but sorry guys this is no huge update. At the moment, I've been in a bit of an upheaval in my life. I have decided to leave Crytek to take up a position as a Junior Internet Developer at MGt Limited (http://www.mgtlimited.com).

But even though I am no longer at Crytek, doesn't mean I still take a keen interest in the games industry. I will still be updating this techfile, but at the moment due to a lot of training and work, I don't have much time.

Anyway, this was just a quick update to tell you what's happening. As usual, you can contact me if you wish, but now at tanepiper@hotmail.com (or tpiper@mgtlimited.com during UK 9 to 5 hours if you wish).

Tane Piper
Junior Internet Developer

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