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Tane Piper
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E-Mail: tane@crytek.com

   06/12/2000, A Design For Life

Oh no, not ANOTHER tech file. Yup, sorry. But this ones a tiny bit different, in that there will be practically no coding in it. Yup, a tech file on flipCode that ISN'T ABOUT coding. It's about DESIGN. You may be the most l33t p1mp c0d3r out there, but thats nothing without putting a well designed game in you engine, and effectively managing the project, and the team.

So, whats my qualifications to tell YOU what to do? Well, I am the Lead Designer of Silent Space by Crytek Studios (www.crytek.com), and pretty much the project manager. At this moment, Crytek is a virtual company so my team is pretty much comprised of nearly 20 people spread out about the world (and 1 person only a 30 min bus ride away!). So basicly, its managment hell with the different time zones.

Over the next few months I will be covering subjects such as getting your team together, finding each members best skills, effective time and resource managment, etc. Expect to see the next update in but a few short days.

So anyway, this is a very short tech file, and not much to do with the actual subject. I am going to be writing the first in the series over the next few days, but I suppose I better tell you a little more about myself in the meanwhile. My name is Tane Piper, and I am an 18 year old Scot. I USED to be a Student of Computing at Abertay University, in Dundee but I decided Uni was cack (the nightlife was not though!), so I'm now back home in Kinghorn, Fife. Unemployed (apart from Crytek), I am trying to find a summer job so I can afford to goto T in the Park (a 2 day music and drink binge in the middle of nowhere) and also get other stuff i need (living off 10 a week is not fun).

Whaa, I'm going WAY off topic now, so I'll stop. So until next time we meet...

If you want to contact me in the meantime, feel free to email tane@crytek.com.

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