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Tane Piper
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E-Mail: tane@crytek.com

   07/16/2000, Possible Project

Well its been my first week at work as a Internet Developer, and to be honest its a good job, but I know its not my calling. I've decided to stick it out, but at the same time possably start on a new project.

Currently titled "The Eden Project", its a action/adventure game in the style of Outcast, with a world like Dagoth Moor (the GeForce demo), and a plot like "At the mountains of madness" crossed between Lucasart's "The Dig". Sound's big, and it is.

The reason I am telling you this is I am looking for a team to put together. Mainly from the UK, because there is a good chance of getting investment and possibly setting up a company (see, its always handy to have connections!). But of course, depending on talent avalible, I may have to look further afield.

I'm looking for several tallented coders and artists to work on the project, which will be internet based for a while. The first thing that will be worked on is the engine, which will have to support areas and maps ranging from large outside areas to tiny confined spaces, and in my mind would be similar to this (http://www.flipcode.com/forums/iotd/07-14-2000.shtml) IOTD engine.

With the engine, a tech demo will need to be in place, and the design doc ready. This is so it can be taken to the investors to gauge there opinion (along with a sound business plan). It would also be passed around possable publishers (who I will confront at this years ECTS in September).

Now this my sound like an ambisious plan, and it is. But I want to make it work, and when I set my mind to something, boy do I work on making it sucessful. So if you are a UK based coder with DirectX or OpenGL experience, or a 2D/3D artist then email me at tanepiper@hotmail.com or bug me on ICQ (25958771). You can even catch me in #flipcode.

And if you can either send some examples (less than 2mb please) or give me a URL link you your work, that would be a great benefit.

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