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Name: Tane Piper
Nickname: Tane (Hey, i'm not origional)
Location: Kinghorn, Fife. Scotland
Age / Birthdate: 18 (23rd October 1981)
Likes: Games Design, computers, drinking (socially of course:), Trance Music, sleep, women, Dalnet #digi and Moloko.
Dislikes: Nick Mooney, education, Kids TV Presenters, Britney Spears (you understand, her music of course, not Briteny herself).
Hobbies: Getting P*ssed, sleeping, reading Flipcode :)
Favorite Game(s): Freespace, Total Annihilation, and Elite.
Current Job: Lead Designer of Silent Space @ Crytek Studio's
Favorite Quote(s): "Sex between 2 people is a beautiful thing; between 5 it's fantastic"
- Woody Allen

Other Info: I could sleep for Scotland if there was such an event in the Olympics.

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