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Phil Carlisle
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   05/22/2000, Tech File Update

Its been a really strange time for me the last few months. Ive kind of moved my focus quite a lot towards AI although I still have a lot of interest in 3D graphics, I just see that there are a lot of people doing excellent work in that area, and I'd rather do work in an area thats more "blue sky".

The weird thing about AI is that its not really a "solved" problem (unlike much of 3D), the academic focus for AI tends to shy away from the interactive focus that AI in games requires, so while some of the research is useful, an awful lot isnt.

My personal time has been very tight, with a few trips abroad causing my a few headaches :), but now I'm back and getting more focussed on what I want to achieve.

The first thing that strikes me about AI, is that almost everything thats not Finite state machine based, requires some form of language or grammer, I guess language *is* expression, but it never hit home to me that much before (for instance, rules of engagement can be expressed as a grammer, plans can be expressed as a grammer).

Ah well, I said it was a quick update..


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