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Phil Carlisle
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   12/23/1999, New Years Tech File Update

More of a rant in this update... sorry in advance.

Why is it that so much of this planet involves people trying to bullshit everyone to gain some sort of position?

Why is it that people who are actually talented, but DONT bullshit have a worse time than people who are not talented but DO bullshit?

I just dont get it.

Here's a case in point, read the article in PC Gamer (UK, dont know if it was in the US version) about the new company set-up by Demis Hassabis (the stunted little d-warf protege of Peter Molyneux, but more of that later).

The thing about the article, is that the claims made for the game (a sim city type game) engine, are truly hilarious. Things like (and all of this is a rant, so i dont care about being accurate :)) "the engine accurately simulates 1 million people (i.e. individual beings)", and "the engine can handle infinite amounts of detail" and "they were considering wether to model the pollen on the stems of plants".

I dont know if its just me, but i see this type of self promotional bullshit to be offensive. The thing is, its the press who print these things, obviously quoted verbatim from some marketing PR type simpleton who knows NOTHING about technology beyond the latest buzzwords.

I guess i find it annoying because it belittles the efforts of a huge number of people, when someone gains press on the back of unfounded and implausable claims, it detracts from the REAL work other people put into thier games.

The type of thing i am most against, is the utter nonsense self promotion from so called "industry icons" like Peter Molyneux.. to read anything in the press concerned with PM, you would think he single handledly produced everything bullfrog ever did!, even now he has got to be (along with Dave Perry from shiny, John Romero from (well, lets face it, from nothing), one of the most self publisising pricks around. The problem with all this is that the guys who actually DO the work (programmers, artists etc) get NO recognition, many of these guys are hugely talented.

I guess i just want to see the day when people get credit for what they ACTUALLY do, not for what they pretend to do.

Anyways, happy holidays to you all..


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