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Phil Carlisle
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E-Mail: phil.carlisle@team17.com

   01/27/2000, Just An Update For The Tech Files

Sledgehammer Syndrome...

During the space race, NASA spent a huge amount of research money on the problem of getting a pen to work in outer space, they finally got a working prototype that worked in space. Cut to some years later, the space race over, one of the nasa engineers decided to quiz his russian counterpart on how (on their limited budget) they had overcome the problems.

When asked the question the russian space scientist looks puzzled and says "we didnt, we used a pencil!"

Whassup lately?

Well, been working on some prototype stuff for a new T17 game.. nothing really fancy, just some design prototypes..

Got me a new pc to play with at home.. Athlon 750 seems pretty cool (put a geforce DDR in there, nvidia are my heroes.. nice opengl support!).

Still looking into the cartoon rendering, been hankering to do some new tests ever since I saw an article on cartoon render using environment mapping on the nvidia dev pages, so I'll give that a go soonish, I also REALLY need to get my roam-alike landscape engine implemented, its taken far too long.

One thing someone mentioned for an article is about programming the game "loop", in effect how to setup the parts of your engine to work well together (and sadly something badly designed in a lot of things, including my prototype app :)).

Lots of interesting things to look at (sadly lots are under NDA), so I guess I might be a little busy for the next month or so trolling through it all..

Anyways, just a little update, let you guys know I'm alive, and kicking..


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