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Name: Phil Carlisle
Nickname: Zoom, Zoombapup
Location: Ossett, Wakefield, England
Age / Birthdate: 31 (sheesh)
Likes: Computers (obvious), Anime, Fog, Girls with small noses, Good Art, Films, Arguing.
Dislikes: Almost everything at one time or another. Thugs. Wakefield Slappers.
Hobbies: No time for em.. probably anime films. Halflife mod coding.
Favorite Game(s): Age of Empires, Halflife (and mods), Rogue Spear. Oh and strip twister :))
Current Job: Team17 Software Ltd. Games programmer.
Favorite Quote(s): ARSE!" (stefan boberg, every day) OR "You camping gluon hoar!!" (about stefan boberg every day).
Other Info: I am going to take over the world!!! erm.. ok.. not.

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