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Henry Robinson
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E-Mail: hr109@york.ac.uk

   04/24/1999, Hi!

There should be a hundred good ways to start off this tech file. I can't think of one, so please bear with me while I get into my stride.

I guess I should use this opportunity to introduce myself. If you are entirely uninterested in any details about me, then skip ahead, you're very welcome to. It may even get interesting later on.

My name is Henry. I'm 18. I like computer graphics and programming, and I guess that's why I'm here. My current project of choice is the Crystal Space engine. I've followed that project from the start, and have finally begun contributing to it. I'm involved in exposing the engine in a game-content friendly manner, so that developers can create scriptable objects really easily. It's a very cool engine, and much of what I say may relate to it. I'm heavily into music, especially jazz, and am a great fan of Oscar Peterson, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and George Benson. I also like loads of other groups, but not techno :)

I'd also just like to say thanks to Psykic for giving me this soapbox on which to stand. If you have any problems with what I say here, *don't* take it up with him. These opinions are my own, and are no one else's. So take it up with me :)

My intentions in these columns are to talk a lot about what I think, regarding computer games, graphics, programming and design philosophy. I think I've got something interesting to say, others may not. Such is life. Some days may be pretty technical, others abstract. Something for everyone, I hope.

I'm a little tired right now, and am not quite up to a full dissertation on the meaning of life, so I thought I'd share my favourite graphics-related bookmarks with you and take my leave. Rest assured that future columns will be more technical, or at least more interesting :)

Hin's Trinity Page
Excellent v. technical page.

Unreal Tech page
Ever wondered what a top-class engine programmer works on?

Crystal Space
The possibilities with this engine are astounding. It's been going a while, and is looking good.

Real-Time Rendering Resources
The very best links, all used in the development of an excellent-looking book. All the stuff here is gold dust.

Really good, industry-driven site.

Watch this space.


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