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Name: Henry Robinson
Location: East England / Suffolk / Middle of nowhere
Age / Birthdate: 18
Likes: Other people, quality music, funny stuff, coding, designing, Fender amps and guitars
Dislikes: Bandwagon - jumping, oversized egos, unnecessary ignorance and twiglets
Hobbies: Playing guitar and piano, coding, basketball, going to gigs and concerts, listening to and writing music
Favorite Game(s): Oldies: Xenon II, Lemmings, Rainbow Islands and Doom II
Newbies: Quake I and II, Tekken 3, Unreal
Current Job: Teaching guitar. Full time student.
Favorite Quote(s): "Actually, they're not that bad"
- Ben Folds (of the Ben Folds Five), talking about me and my mates at a gig.

"You tried your best, and failed miserably. The morale is, don't try."
- fatherly love from H. Simpson
Other Info: "My metabolism is nothing special."

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