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Welcome to the flipCode Tech Files. If you've never been here before you're probably wondering what a 'tech file' is. Tech files on flipCode are meant to be psuedo-.plan files for developers who want to ramble about coding stuff without the need for a full-blown web page, worrying about html, spending time formatting tutorials, or trying to get visitors. The goal is to have a collection of 'journals', updated at will by the author, where you can possibly learn some cool things, or just check in on what a couple of coders are working on.

Tech Files (alphabetical order):
Anis Ahmad    [Last update: 07/24/99]
Jacco Bikker    [Last update: 11/27/00]
Jeroen Bouwens    [Last update: 04/01/02]
Lionel Brits    [Last update: 10/18/00]
Phil Carlisle    [Last update: 01/09/02]
Alex Champandard    [Last update: 01/05/02]
Alexander Herz    [Last update: 07/05/00]
Victor Ho    [Last update: 03/20/01]
Luke Hodorowicz    [Last update: 03/01/00]
Mike Hommel    [Last update: 07/30/99]
Steven Hugg    [Last update: 05/14/01]
Roy Jacobs    [Last update: 01/13/00]
Toby Jones    [Last update: 01/23/01]
Jacob McCosh    [Last update: 07/12/00]
Kurt Miller    [Last update: 03/18/00]
Jan Niestadt    [Last update: 07/10/00]
Tane Piper    [Last update: 07/16/00]
Muresan Robert    [Last update: 06/26/01]
Adam Robinson    [Last update: 04/01/02]
Henry Robinson    [Last update: 06/21/01]
Conor Stokes    [Last update: 12/29/00]
Jaap Suter    [Last update: 11/24/00]
Nicholas Vining    [Last update: 06/19/00]
Peter White    [Last update: 06/30/99]
If you're interested in starting your own tech file (it's free if you're eligible :), e-mail me for details.

Note that some of the tech files may have files available for download. Before downloading any of them, be aware that you may only download them at your own risk. We can not be held responsible for any problems or undesirable results that may occur due to the usage of any of those programs. If you do not agree to that, then you're not granted permission to download them. Thanks for understanding and cooperating.

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