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Conor Stokes
(aka DirtyPunk)
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E-Mail: cstokes@crytek.com

   12/29/2000, Techfile From Somewhere Different

In a rather strange turn of events, I'm writing this extremely far away from the last place I wrote such a "File" of "tech". In fact, a few thousand of your preferred distance measurements (miles, kilometres or light nano seconds) away. Boston actually (Anyone in the area, please email me at cstokes@tpgi.com.au so we can have a flipCode lunch). If you read my last entry, and I know you didn't because only Kurt and I actually read more than one of these, you will know this is due to my internship.

Well, I've arrived and I've started "work" (read paid intern/traineeship). Coding and thinking seem to be the big things about this gig. That and the fridge fill of soft drink. If you had asked me a year ago "Conor, what are you going to do when you grow up (aside from not answering kindergarten style questions)", I would've said something along the line of "Duh – Games is the only way to go". But, now, I'm like "Do you have any crack?"… I mean "Not so sure".

In the world that is now, slightly changed, I've found researching so far, to be, well to my liking. The people are cool, and your job consists of thinking of cool things, trying cool things, and figuring out how to do cool things, talking about cool things and watching other peoples cool things. Not to mention thinking up excuses to do cool things. Not to mention the fridge.

So, research seems like a path that walking (or, stealing some sort of robot transportation that someone is probably building somewhere round Cambridge) may be nice. I've got access to a few things like the MIT libraries and bookshops and a few talks and lectures etc.

I've already started working on the project I've been put on and I've come up with a working algorithm for the problem I've got. Now, I'm implementing it in a prototype etc. I've done some things I'm rather happy with the stuff I've done so far there. I've come up with some stuff there which is valid too some other things which may interest flipcoders.

I'm planning on doing a nice little voxel rendering implementation (not hardware based) etc, based on some of the stuff just for fun, and because my home machine is a portable which has no 3d hardware.

Conor "DirtyPunk" Stokes

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