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Victor Ho
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   06/16/2000, It started with a big bang.....

Heh, let's hope this doesn't end with a whimper!

Hi everyone, my name is Victor Ho and I've been lurking on flipcode for a little over a year now and I finally decided to share my .02 cents with you all. ; )

First off I would like to say thank you to each and everyone who has contributed to this site. The tutorials and tech files are very interesting reads and have kept entertained, amused and set me thinking time and again. And of course big thanks to the man himself, Kurt Miller for bringing about and nurturing flipcode into becoming what it is today.

Ok, just so you all know where I'm coming from, I'll just spend the rest of this update giving the low down on the stuff I'm working on.


This is the "mothership" of my projects. No prizes for guessing that it's a 3D game engine. It's named as such because it's my 3rd attempt at creating a game engine. Anyway, Try3 is coming together; abeit slowly because of Real Life keeps intruding! :P

But another reason it takes time is because I'm taking the time to get things right. That means two things, making sure the there's some level of portability and all the sub-systems in the engine are swappable So if I wanna upgrade a certain portion to newer tech I can. This is harder than it sounds, you basically have to create your own API to abstract the sub-systems, and this involves deciding if the API I'm calling to needs to be abstracted. Then there's platform independent and platform dependent data... I'll go into detail on this in a future update.

Try3 uses OpenGL, which is to 3D what C is to programming - the language that was designed right. Direct3D still looks like a speech impediment to me. Not to mention Microsoft documentation on anything sucks. I just did a Winsock wrapper and DirectInput is coming up on the horizon. Shudder.

Right, Try3 is currently little more than a textured model viewer and I'm looking into the following issues right now:
  • Lighting
  • Skeletal Animation
  • Surface/Shader stuff
  • I'll probably detail my research on these areas in future updates as well.

    Ok, Real Life calls again (arghh!). So that's it for my first tech file.

    Until thenů

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  • 07/03/2000 - Hmmm, 4 subsystems in 4 weeks, is that good or bad? : )
  • 06/16/2000 - It started with a big bang.....

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