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Name: Victor Ho
Location: Singapore
Age / Birthdate: 15/09/1976
Likes: Writing code, innovative ideas, cool tech, The works of Clive Barker, Dave Koz, Julian May, Yanni…
Dislikes: Double Standards, strong-arm tactics, blind acceptance, unnecessary complications, lack of compassion, dust bunnies…
Hobbies: Playing the saxophone, working on my web site, photography and expanding my collection of novels
Favorite Game(s): All the Gabriel Knight Adventures, Battlezone, Quake 2, TFC (< 1.5), System Shock 2, Half-Life.
Current Job: Just finished my finals and am trying to convince everyone that I'm doing serious research and not loafing around with tons of time on my hands!
Favorite Quote(s): "fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering"
- Yoda saying the only good line of dialogue in Espisode I

Other Info: "My mind is a paradox in action."

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