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Name: Conor Stokes
Nickname: DirtyPunk
Location: Western Australia / West of no-where.
Age / Birthdate: 17
Likes: 3d Theory, Computers, chocolate, Jolt cola, Punk, visual art, drama, SNFU and being comical.
Dislikes: Oppression, mold, headaches, dehydration, Ronald MacDonald and the telli-tubbies.
Hobbies: Programming, making kooky 3d theories, electric guitar, play writing and freaking on the establishment.
Favorite Game(s): Quake 1 & 2 (more 1 though), Populas 3, Grand Theft Auto and Rainbow 6.
Current Job: Mind Roving Cyber Hobo
Favorite Quote(s): "I'm out of here like Vladamir!"
-Mr Chi Pig, from SNFU (www.snfu.com)
on the Album "Lets Get it Right the First Time!"

-Father Jack, from "Father Ted"
Other Info: "My metabolism is very fast."

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