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Steven Hugg
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   05/14/2001, Finally, The Project!

There hasn't been a lot of tech file activity recently, and my last one was six months ago (!) so I thought I'd chime in.

Now is the time I'd like to introduce the game I've been working on, and is nearing the alpha stage: EXOFLIGHT. Actually it is not so much a game, but a space simulator -- think of it as MS Flight Simulator for outer space! It features historically accurate vehicles and physics according to Newton. You'll be able to fly the Shuttle, launch a Saturn V, and fly all sorts of futuristic spacecraft. The engine is customizable via simple text files, so you can add your own modules, missions, and spacecraft.

The code base and heavy lifting (physics, UI, navigation, terrain engine) are almost feature-complete, so the big task now is to add metadata -- rockets, missions, art, and so forth. I am lucky to have some great 3D modelers that are making very detailed spacecraft for the game. The sight of the mighty Saturn V creeping up toward the sky is a terrific sight.

As you can imagine, this is quite an ambitious undertaking, but I am excited by the progress made so far. There hasn't been a true realistic space simulator for years, and the number released over the years you could almost count on one hand: remember "MS Space Sim", Virgin's "Shuttle", and "The Halley Project"? I thought it was about time for a sim that takes advantage of modern hardware and 3D graphics.

I'll be working on posting more info on my web site (http://www.fasterlight.com/exoflight) over the next few weeks. If you want to chat or comment about the sim, please mail me anytime at hugg@fasterlight.com. Also if you're in the DC metro area and interested in game development, drop me a line!

BTW: Movie recommendation for budding game developers: "American Movie". It's one of those movies that is as likely to inspire as depress you, but I guess that's part of life :) A must see for any creative souls out there.

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