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Phil Carlisle
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E-Mail: phil.carlisle@team17.com

   01/09/2002, Tech File Update

Ok, Alex shamed me into updating :))

Whats happened to me since last update?, well, mainly work. Ive finished another game with Team17 called Worms Blast.

Enough said about that really.

What else have I been doing?, well, mainly helping out over at garagegames.com being fairly active in the forums and helping with the engine, but also doing some prototyping for new game idea's and doing some more work.

I managed to get an article in the AI Wisdom book (so did alex, congrats al!), so thats my first published writing.

I'm going to try and get another book underway with a few other programmers (from more well known companies), to cover the practical topics Ive never really seen covered in most books. Almost like a gameplay gems book, with coverage of fairly straightforward but often ignored things like:

How do I code a homing missile?
How do I get a vehicle to track terrain?
Whats a nice way to control a character in third person?

Those simple questions that most people come across, but often are never covered in other books (which mainly concern themselves with rendering or maths or AI or whatever). Its an important topic for games programmers, so I'd like to contribute something by making a fairly good starting point for most practical gameplay subjects.

Now that we've shipped Blast, my time is at less of a premium now, so Ive got time to come out of my shell again. Ive kept up with the IOTD on flipcode (my fave part) and I usually read the forums a few times a week, but now I can take part again.

Until next time, have a good time and code hard!


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