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Jan Niestadt
(aka Relentless)
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E-Mail: jniestad@softhome.net

   05/28/2000, Introduction

Hello everyone! This techfile will be about anything I'm working on or thinking about, but mainly about my upcoming masters project at university. I'll also use it to shamelessly plug the online comic strip that I'm starting with a fellow student, about a game development company. We'll be launching it next week, so stay tuned!

Well, my masters project. After I wrote the scripting tutorials I got the idea to create some kind of innovative scripting engine as a project, preferably at a local game development company. I contacted some companies; among them Team Sigma and Lost Boys Games. They both needed scripting engines for their games and were interested in this project.

I visited Team Sigma and was very impressed with the stuff they're doing. The game they're developing, Epilogue, is definitely one to watch. I would've loved to work there but had to decide against it because it's just too far away from Leiden, where uni is.

Next up was Lost Boys Games, a company formed from a merger of three other companies: Digital Infinity, Orange Games and Formula. This was a much larger company, over 20 employees, compared to 4 at Team Sigma. I didn't really get to see what they were working on, but the people I met were really nice and I had practically made up my mind. Now only to get the people from uni on board.

This proved to be a problem. Although I had written a project proposal that included most of the features a next-gen scripting engine would need (such as full multithreading, polymorphism, etc.), they didn't really understand what my project would be about. I guess they don't play games..

Another problem is that they want to test my scripting engine with several projects. When I told Lost Boys about this they weren't too happy, since they don't want to share their tools library with others.

Well, that's it so far.. Now I have to write about an example of a 3d simulation in which scripting would perform a useful function. Secondly, I need to find a suitable 3d engine to link this scripting system to (if anyone has an easy-to-use, clean engine that I'd be able to use, please mail me!) and/or find a way to keep Lost Boys interested. I never thought a masters project would be so much like actual work. :-)

I hope things work out, then I can actually talk about the project itself!


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  • 05/28/2000 - Introduction

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