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Name: Kurt Miller
Nickname: Psykic
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Age / Birthdate: Sometime In August
Likes: Computers, nice ladies, reading, lateral thinking, candy canes, & coffee.
Dislikes: Sneezing, sleeping, & bad coffee.
Hobbies: Programming, 3D, gaming, guitar, bass, drums, fine arts, & writing.
Favorite Game(s): Chess, Quake II, Zelda, Mario Karts 64
My Job at flipCode: Owner, web design/programming, site management, news, & some docs.
Current Job: University Java Development & Full-time student
Favorite Quote(s): "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled... was convincing the world that he didn't exist."
-Verbal Kint / Usual Suspects

"I know kung-fu."
-Neo / The Matrix
Other Info: "My cat eats dog food."

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