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At last! A simple guide to writing your very own internet multiplayer game! In this column, Dan Royer will show you step by step how to create an actual real-time mutliplayer game. The final product should be a small client/server space shooter that will be playable over the net. Here's your chance to find out how Network Game Programming works.
  • 06/16/99 - Issue 01 - Things that make you go "hmm..."
  • 06/23/99 - Issue 02 - cComm one, cComm all
  • 07/07/99 - Issue 03 - cClient. cClient run
  • 07/14/99 - Issue 04 - cServer? I barely know her!
  • 07/28/99 - Issue 05 - Watch your Language.
  • 08/05/99 - Issue 06 - Talk about things you like to do...
  • 08/25/99 - Issue 07 - I bent my Wookie...