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Harmless Algorithms is an exciting trip through some of the most interesting 3D algorithms and techniques currently in use by video games (amongst other fields). Harmless (Edward Kmett) offers valuable insight into how different algorithms and data structures work ranging from various bsp tree implementations to octrees and plenty more! This column is updated at random depending on Harmless' schedule, but even if it takes a while, its well worth the wait! Note that this column is not neccesarily for beginners :)
  • 04/09/1999 - Issue 01 - Fine Occlusion Culling Algorithms
  • 04/30/1999 - Issue 02 - Scene Traversal Algorithms
  • 01/26/2000 - Issue 03 - Design Patterns And 3D Gaming
  • 02/19/2001 - Issue 04 - A Hybrid Approach to Visibility
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