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IdleTime is brought to you by three (2 artists, 1 coder) wannabe gamers from regional australia (specifically ballarat, victoria).

Two thirds of the group are currently studying computing degrees at the university of ballarat. Three thirds of the group desperately wish to be a part of the commercial game development scene.

Idletime has been developed for about 9 months on and off (work and study take a bit of time). Coded with visual c, idletime uses an oct tree engine, the models can be created in virtually any 3d product (eg. lightwave, 3ds max, maya, milkshape, etc.), maps are created in the worldcraft/hammer editor. It has limited physics and collision detection at the moment.
  • Rendered with OpenGL
  • Octree engine
  • Light maps for the world geomtry
  • Stencil buffer shadows for the cars
  • Sphircal environment mapping for cars and world
  • Motion blur
  • Quake style console
  • FMOD for sound and mp3 player
  • Crappy physics (physics coding was a lot harder then we thought)
  • 6 real cars
  • 3 maps
  • Game and tools written in VC6
  • Maps are made with worldcraft/hammer, then lightmap and octree are made with our map compiler
  • Cars can be made with almost any 3D modeller, then scaled with our "magic" :) car making tool.
  • Writing a flip code blurb was probably one of the hardest things ;)
  • There are still a few things to be completed/updated, these include such things as:
  • Texturing of cars/maps
  • Map finalisation
  • Network code
  • Updated physics/collision detection
  • Network coding
  • AI pathing
  • Car details
  • Level of detail modelling/code
  • Normal Mapping
  • Real Time Cubic Environment mapping
  • Download in the downloads section (funnily enough) at

    Idletime is still a work in progress. One thing we are always having trouble with is textures. Our team only has two modelers and one coder (with some help from our friends). We all hate it when there is a cool IOTD and you can't download it and play with it your self. So you can all come to our site and download it. You can even drop into our forum and tell us what you think or don't think

    Please feel free to email us with ANY questions or critisisms, we want as much feedback as possible If you would like to bag the artwork, get onto or If you feel that the programming could do with a bit of a beefing up then email mick at

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