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Game: These are work in progress pics from a project called ballheads ( only project title ). The game is a bomberman/robotron-clone with elements of a 3d-shooter and enemy-to-player visibility determination like in MetalGearSolid. You can shoot with flare-like projectiles ( You can't really see them in the pics because the snow ) and lay bombs.

Pics: NOTE-These are work-in-progress pics, and the level you see is just try-out stuff ( a level with stone ground, hitec walls and snow??, better not in release ). The particle system in pic 4 around the black sphere ( a bomb ) represents the countdown. Pics 1,2,5 and 6 show the same bomb explosion. The cubes are lighted by the expl. and the small cubes on the ground are destroyed cubes smashed into a lot of little ones ( coz of the bomb ), >> same texture. The ground and the ceiling in all pics have both 2 polys, so even d3d-pixelfog does not work correctly. I'd like to use fog, but for that, I need more polys, and like I said in the Landscape-posting, my machinaDX-ngin is pretty unfast :).

Data: in 800*600*32 the and 0.0 Texture Level-Of-Detail, the game runs with max 30 fps ( because the game itself has a 30fps limit ) and average 25 fps. The pics are hiquality-graphics with 5-7fps >> LOD = -2.0, Dynamic Lights = on, 1024*768*32. QUEZTION: Does anybody know, how to use some kind of color key in d3d in 16 bit texures? I've been searching for hours, but didn't found anything.

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