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The images above are some screenshots of my technical demo that called "rthdribl". It means "Real-time High Dynamic Range Image-Based Lighting". DirectX9 high-precision texture formats and version-2.0 of Pixel Shader represent real-time true HDR rendering. Light sources and reflected or refracted lights that are very bright cause Glare.

Technical features of the demo are:
  • True HDR (High-Dynamic Range) Rendering
  • IBL (Image-Based Lighting)
  • Glare Generation (Afterimage, Bloom, Halo, Ghost, and Star)
  • Automatic Exposure Adjustment
  • Iris shaped Depth of Field blur
  • Realistic Motion Blur
  • Chromatic aberration
  • FSAA (Full-Scene Anti-Alias)
  • Fresnel Effect (Specular Reflectance) etc.
  • The Glare, Motion Blur, Fresnel Reflection and Depth of Field effects work properly by rendering with the HDR.

    To run the demo on your computer, you need a DirectX9 class video card that supports Vertex Shader 2.0 and Pixel Shader 2.0. Additionary, 16-bit floating point per component and 16-bit integer per component texture formats that can be rendered are highly recommended. If the current Direct3D driver doesn't support any floating point texture formats, Depth Of Field and Halo effects will not work. And if doesn't support any high-precision texture formats (at least 16 bits per component), both of the image quality and the frame rate will be down :-(

    These effects are still expensive for real-time rendering like games, but will hopefully be of practical use in the near future.

    Please visit my web page if you are interested in the demo. (I'm sorry but almost all contents of the web page are written in Japanesse).

    You can see more screenshots and download the demo here.

    Enjoy the future real-time rendering!

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