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The shot is from my 3D engine which I call "Project Nexus". It's a software-only engine that doesn't use DirectX or OpenGL in any way. Windows API only. The reason for that is mostly that I want to learn the principles of 3D before I really take the plunge, but I'd also like it to be portable to a Java Applet, so I'm trying to keep the actual display and transform code "in my view" and not delegate it to some API or hardware. To test my engine I've been using random fractal terrain generated using the Midpoint Displacement Technique. The mesh can be scaled in detail levels between 2 polygons and 8192 polygons. I've yet to implement any sort of depth culling or texture mapping, but I'm still pretty pleased with how it's coming. You can download this program and the source at . And if you see any way I can improve my code, particularly in the structures I store my objects and polygons, post a comment and let me know!

-Joshua Carmody A.K.A. Vorteks

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