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Here are two shots of our game X-fire.

X-fire is a small top-down shooter game made by LPHPNL. What makes x-fire unique is that it has real-time per-pixel lighting. X-fire took runner up in the AGDC (Australian Game Developers Conference) best unsigned game (Indie) in November 2003. The main drive behind x-fire's development is going back to older style games where the idea is just to be overwhelmed by enemies (just think Gauntlet or Alien Breed).

Features list:
  • In house developed engine
  • Every polygon has a normal map
  • Real time per pixel light attenuation
  • Real time per pixel specular lighting (with gloss map)
  • Every light has a cube map (directional lights)
  • Every polygon casts a real time shadow
  • Per polygon hit detection
  • Two-player co-operative network play
  • X-fire uses OpenGL and Fmod.

    You can download a demo from

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