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Name: Roy Jacobs
Nickname: Sagacity
Location: The south of Holland
Age / Birthdate: 19
Likes: The demoscene, quite a bit of TV shows, quite a bit of music (as long the volume should be down when I'm coding)
Dislikes: American sitcoms involving teenagers who get up to all sorts of crazy schemes invariably ending with a grouphug and the words "Oh, you guys".
Hobbies: Coding of demo-related things (3d-engines, filesystems, weird 2d-effects), playing my keyboard (in the musical sense), having discussions about complete nonsense and watching Star Trek, The Simpsons, Futurama, Buffy, Frasier, Dawson's Creek, Bottom, (list cut for brevity) and just about any movie currently out.
Favorite Game(s): Well, I don't play a lot of games at the moment (pc too slow etc), so what I play is mostly good multiplayer fun like Pong, GTA2 and Liero.
Current Job: Computer-Sciences student, part-time programmer of databases, ASP and all that stuff at a local company
Favorite Quote(s): "Excellent"
-- Mr.Burns

"There's the truth (shakes his head), and there's the truth (nods and smiles)!"
-- Lionel Hutz

"...and then I found an original copy of The Bible in my attic. Which was nice."
-- The Fast Show
Other Info: Yes, there is.

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