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Name: Nicholas Vining
Nickname: Mordred. There is some debate as to whether the proper spelling is "Mordred" or "Modred". It's from the Arthurian legend, regardless.
Location: Victoria, B.C., Canada
Age / Birthdate: 16.35
Likes: OpenGL, Linux, SDL, Tea, 3D engines, Oil Painting, C, British Humour
Dislikes: Direct 3D, Windows, Clanlib, C++, Java, "Bubble-Gum" Pop Music, Schoolwork
Hobbies: Programming, Painting, Programming, Writing, Programming, Tracking, Programming
Favorite Game(s): Nethack... nothing else has the same replay value. Also Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, and whatever I'm working on at the time.
Current Job: Unemployed, but I'm for hire. I'll stick a link to my resume here eventually. I'm also the main programmer for an open source project called "Kosmos Online", and I'll stick a link to THAT too eventually.
Favorite Quote(s): "I drink to make other people more interesting"
-- George Jean Nathan

Other Info: Linux advocate, Open Source advocate, psychotic nut.

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