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Lionel Brits
(aka Betelgeuse)
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   01/27/2000, Introduction


Welcome to the ravings of Lionel Brits, better known as ßetelgeuse. Thanks to Kurt for letting me have this opportunity. Ok, let me tell you a little about my self. I am a 17-year-old programmer living in Canada. There, enough said. :o) Let me share some of my wacky ideas with you.

Self Executing RAM

Before you say “OMG! That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!”, bear with me and read on. I don’t know if this has been implemented yet, but I’ve been trying to follow some of the new layered circuitry technologies that are evolving. These technologies allow integrated circuits to be three dimensional in nature. A cool thing to do with this is to have one layer house a small amount of cache-class RAM. This layer is constantly being fed with data that is coupled with special instructions. Consecutive layers are then each dedicated to one type of simple instruction. Once the primary layer has been fed with fresh data, each layer is then “activated” and modifies the data in the primary layer according to special “keys” or instructions.

Applications for this technology are really cool. Imagine pumping a couple of MB’s worth of XYZUV information into such a chip/cube and activate the “DIV 1_over_Z” instruction (3D texture-mapping and perspective calculations). Another cool application for such a chip is filtering (anti-aliasing, blurring, sharpening, blending of two images etc.) I don’t see this type of chip being implemented in a CPU type fashion, but it could really shine in a 3D accelerator. I think technique will one day have to be implemented, as a physical limit to the resolution of circuitry is being reached. Oh well, I had better get this idea patented ;-) That’s about all I have to say. Watch out for next edition…

- ßetelgeuse
“got milk?”

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