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Name: Jacob Alan McCosh
Nickname: omaha
Location: Virginia / USA
Age / Birthdate: September 24
Likes: opengl (despite the poor texture management features), women, parties, nice people.
Dislikes: mean people, smelly people, people that play badmitton.
Hobbies: 3d/game engine coding, dreaming of driving a ferrari, litestep coding, hockey, guitar, women.
Favorite Game(s): Quake, Quake2, the q3 engine (not the game), dragon warrior.
Current Job: Full-time student at VA tech, Full-time OS3 productions.
Favorite Quote(s): "Or maybe it's genius!"
-Max Cohen, pi

"That guy is wearing a bike chain."
Other Info: ICQ/AIM: 32620688 / mccsha
Stay away from Meagan Young and Megan Green

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