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Name: Alexander Herz
Nickname: Alex, Al
Location: Neufahrn (near munich), Germany
Age / Birthdate: 22.10.81
Likes: girls,3d gfx,games,techno,playing football,going out,many other things.
Dislikes: M$ wasting the possibility to make a good 3d api..though they had the power to make any api.
Hobbies: Programming, 3D, music, playing billiard.
Favorite Game(s): Monkey Island1+2,Duke3d,POD rulez,UFO - enemy unknown..some others
Favorite Quote(s): "Hey bill..look ..somebody offered to buy me his new invention called tamagotchi..for 10$ with all rights..should I??? - Does it run with win2000? - No..but .. - nah forget it"
Other Info: ask me...

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