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Name: Adam Robinson
Nickname: Iok
Location: Leicester, England
Age / Birthdate: 22/11/80
Likes: Foxes, my Rabbit :), Futurama, Tea, the very large, the very small, Size optimising assembly language. Thermonuclear Explosions. Anything Russian.
Dislikes: Linux Evangelists, the atomic cannon, the fact that outdoor environments have no bloody roof, Decafination.
Hobbies: If i'm not coding i'm probably asleep :) I occasionally write music, and even more rarely sketch a bit.
Favorite Game(s): Perfect Dark [N64] Doom [PC]
Current Job: None! [more specifically, sitting on my arse writing code for nobody in particular]
Other Info: If you want to know what i'm like, imagine a slightly more human version of Bender from Futurama :)

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