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Friday, October 22nd 2004
Development Link Updates
12:00 AM
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The following links were added to the Knowledge Base today:
  • Neural Networks in Plain English
  • Kohonen's Self Organizing Feature Maps
  • Genetic Algorithms in Plain English
  • Phong Lighting with OpenGL/Cg
  • Diffusion Effect Tutorial
  • Unified Texture Management for Abitrary Meshes
  • All Purpose Texture Sprites
  • Automatic Cell-and-portal Decomposition
  • Pattern Based Procedural Textures
  • Synthesizing Bark
  • Per-Pixel Lighting with DirectX9
  • Fantasy Name Generator
  • Deep C++ Column
  • Guru of the Week
  • Heuristic Ray Shooting Algorithms
  • Homogeneous Coordinates for Computer Graphics (PDF)
  • Deriving the C++ Stream Buffer
  • Parametric Cubic Curves
  • The 3D Geometry Pipeline
  • Homogenous Transformation Matrices
  • OpenGL Shading Language Tutorials
  • Collision Detection References
  • Game Development: Harder Than You Think
  • A Look at Latency in Networked Games (PDF)
  • Practical Collision Detection (PDF)
  • True-Color GIF Example
  • All About OpenGL Extensions
  • Explicit Early-Z Culling for Efficient Fluid Flow Simulation and Rendering (PDF)
  • Ray Tracing For Current And Future Games
  • Generic Collision Detection for Games Using Ellipsoids
  • Accurate Software Rendering
  • Matrix Template Class
  • Texture Caching With Modified Quad-Trees (PDF)
  • Fast BSP Tree Generation Using Binary Searches (PDF)
  • 3D Graphics Animation in Computer Graphics
  • Projective Geometry
  • Understanding Projective Geometry
  • Universal Learning with 1-D Cellular Automata (PDF)
  • Spiking Neural Nets, The Learning Circuit and Meta Learning
  • Optimizing Functions on the Real Numbers
  • Realtime Evolution of Agent Controllers in Games
  • Universal Meta Optimization
  • UML Resource Page
  • Win32 Debug CRT Heap Internals
  • Compressed Quantized Unit Vectors
  • Higher Accuracy Quantized Normals
  • How to Write a Simple Maya Exporter
  • Observers and Callbacks
  • Dynamic Arrays
  • String Hashing
  • Error Handling
  • Multi Resolution Mesh Tutorial
  • Voxel Mesh Creation and Rendering
  • OpenGL 2.0 Specification
  • Texture Synthesis by Non-parametric Sampling
  • Image Quilting for Texture Synthesis and Transfer
  • Grid-enabled Multi-server Network Game Architecture (PDF)
  • Java Graphics and Gaming
  • 3D World Simulation
  • Matrix & Quaternion FAQ (Updated)
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