Announcing Game Programming Gems 3!

We are now accepting proposals for Gems at This is your opportunity to contribute to the development community and write your name in history as a published author. We are looking for experienced programmers to write 2-15 page articles on a variety of subjects. GPG3 will have sections on General Programming, Graphics, Math, AI, Audio, and an exciting new section on Networking and Multi-player games.

Gem proposals are due by Nov 9, 2001, and all articles will be carefully considered. Authors will have 2 months to write their Gems and an additional month to edit them with the help of experienced section editors. The book is scheduled to debut at Siggraph 2002. Authors will receive royalties based on the sales of the book. Mark DeLoura, the series editor, and Dante Treglia, the GPG3 editor, invite you to become part of the next book in the very successful Game Programming Gems series! Please visit for more details.