Just got back from the Game Exec and GDC, and I just wanted
to say that,

amidst the clueless number-crunchers and ruthless suits and
info-hoarding secretives and greedy acquisition-addicts and
unimaginative clone machines and risk-averse naysayers and
devout followers-of-the-conventional-wisdom,

there is a strong core of creative, intelligent,
experienced, generous, mature, insightful, fun,
not-at-all-socially-inept, stereotype-shattering developers
who make this whole shebang work.

Don't let all the other transitory crap make you forget that
we're pioneers in a new form of entertainment which will
ultimately have a far more profound impact on human society
than any popular art form that preceeded it.

And, to everyone else, quite whining and take charge of your
lives. Just make games you're proud of making, and stop
looking elsewhere for the blame if you don't.

For all of you who didn't go because of combat-fatigue or
cynicism, you lost out. If nothing else, it was great to
meet many of the people who have flamed me on this newsgroup


David Galiel
Planetary Arts [tm]
The Technology of Human Imagination [tm]