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What's Going On Here?

After a mere 7-year hiatus, flipcode is back! Sort of. This is something of a soft-launch, revving the engine behind the news page to get started, while hoping for feedback about a potential reboot of the full site.

What is flipcode? Well, I've always said, "game development harmony."

Originally launched in 1999, flipcode in its prime was a community and portal site focused deeply on the technical side of video game and graphics programming. It featured daily news, message forums, regular columns, and an abundance of high-quality articles submitted by readers. It closed its doors in 2005, though the archives have remained freely accessible ever since.

What's this 'reboot' stuff all about?

flipcode closed around a time when the web appeared to be changing rapidly, particularly with respect to the growth of blogs, wikis, and digg/reddit-style news communities. The core site was becoming static, and at the time I didn't see too many directions worth taking it with the resources available, nor did I want to sell it off to the highest bidder. And so for better or worse, the site closed down.

To be honest, I expected other sites to fill the void after its closure. And while I've seen a few sites step up, I haven't seen the same raw spirit I saw in flipcode and its community. *That's* what this 'reboot' stuff is all about. At the moment I'm in a position where I hope to put in the time to rebuild a site that's worthy of the name. And once the ball gets rolling, I'd love to establish a small team to ensure the site has a bright future, always capable of adapting to changing times-- something I should've done the first time around.

Can the magic ever be recaptured? Maybe. Maybe not. But its worth a try!

flipcode has always been about the community. The site itself is essentially just a tool to help organize and coordinate content, around which a community can thrive and amazing things can emerge. In the coming weeks and months, I expect to be rebuilding the familiar, core features (such as forums, IOTD, etc), while still exploring some cool new directions for the site. I expect to soon be tweeting about progress, as well as potentially blogging. But most importantly, I'd love to hear what you think about this whole mess.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc, please drop me a line here. Additionally, if you have any development news worth posting, please don't hesitate to write as well. I can't guarantee a response, but I'll try my best!

Bringing flipcode back is a lofty endeavor, but hopefully one that people will ultimately find value in. I can only hope that you're as excited about the journey as I am. Here's to game development harmony...

-Kurt, Editor / Founder of, August 22, 2012

PS - I recently came across a very small stash of the original run of flipcode t-shirts. No joke. I'll be thinking up some kind of contest or giveaway for these, so if you have any ideas, let me know!
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