The Comment System Disabled
The comment system is gone. It has come to my attention repeatedly over the past few weeks that there are enough people out there who simply can't handle it. I hate the fact that a few bad grapes can ruin the wine. The reality of it, at least from my perspective, is that the comment systems were ruining this site. I'm tired of it. flipCode exists as a free service to game developers and those who are passionate about learning the art. This site is not only for the 'elite' coders out there. Its a place to learn and to share what you've learned; to gather information and ask questions. You're allowed to make mistakes, and you're encouraged to learn from them. The doors are open to anyone interested. The fact that the comment systems were being used far too often for the purpose of tearing people down is pretty sad. I refuse to sit here and watch selfless supporters of this site be publicly (and unfairly) insulted on the very same feature page that they've contributed. That's ridiculous. The comment system was shaping up nothing like the original goal of a supportive interactive developer network, and I'm not about to sit back and watch this site rot from the inside out.

The way I see it, my choices are simple: close the comment systems, or close flipcode. I still think this site has a lot to offer the community, so it will remain online and active; but it will do so without the comment systems. I do wish to genuinely thank those of you who were trying to make the system work. Too bad it didn't. Anyway, the main forums, book reviews, and the periodic topic discussions will be the only active forums on this site for now.