Online Game Design Program now accepting applications

FREDERICTON, NB CANADA - Mosaic Technologies Corporation (MAC on the Canadian Venture Exchange) has announced it is now accepting application for the company’s online Game Design Program, which was announced earlier in this year.

The program, delivered online in the WebCT learning environment, offers two distinct learning streams and teaches students the skills needed to design games for personal computers. The first stream emphasizes "entertainment " type games, while the second stream concentrates on "educational games" or "edutainment" type products.

Students in the program will study core courses, stream courses and elective courses. Although the course make up an entire program , it is possible for a student to study a single course or several courses without going through the entire program.

Students enrolled in the program have a maximum of 36 months to complete all of the program courses and, upon completion, receive a diploma in Game Design from Applied Multimedia Training Centre, New Brunswick, Canada.

As students begin their learning of the game design process, they will learn computer hardware and software fundamentals from the ground up, English fundamentals, a thorough understanding of computer programming and mathematical principles including algebra, trigonometry and physics.

During the program students will study, in detail, game design, C++ programming, graphics modelling, multimedia audio, scripting and production techniques. As the program progresses they will learn advanced graphics, animation and game play techniques. Students in either program stream may take a number of optional courses to learn how to start their own business and how to consult in this interesting field.

To better understand gaming market trends, students will also study the historical perspective of the computer gaming industry and the development of game design techniques over the life of the personal computer. Exposure to faculty, exposure to guests from industry and activities involving a number of game design projects will prepare graduates to enter the game industry as a "game designer" or to start their own "game design" business.

Each course is designed to build on previous courses in the program. By developing solutions to course problem sets learners will gradually develop all of the components of a game starting with design and ending with documentation and testing of the game product. This unique feature of the program allows each student to design, program and document a PC computer game in either the entertainment or the educational stream during their studies.

When first announced, the program attracted more than 900 inquiries from nearly 50 countries.

For more information visit email or phone toll-free 877-654-0044.

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