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Submitted by Fredrik Mäkeläinen & Oskar Holmstrand, posted on March 23, 2005

Image Description, by Fredrik Mäkeläinen & Oskar Holmstrand

Shades of Divinity was developed by two students at gsCEPT ( during a 30 week half-time period. The project consisted of 3 separate parts each spanning 7.5 ECTS - planning, research and execution.

The goal was to test what can be accomplished in realtime graphics utilizing the newest hardware and try to learn as much as possible in the process. It's coded in c++ using D3D9 and HLSL for the shaders and some shaders makes use of ps 3.0 because of their length and branching requirements. The models and animation is done in Maya and a custom exporter was programmed to aquire the data.

  • Smooth skinning
  • Per pixel lightning and normalmapping
  • Parallaxmapping
  • Shadowmapping
  • Projected lights
  • Environment reflections
  • Volumetric light and fog with shadows
  • shading parameters are sampled fromt textures to give the artist detailed control
  • Ambient lightning as in half-life 2 using an "ambient cube"
  • The morph affect all textures (no geometry morph)
  • Fog is generated using 3 octaves of 3d noise
  • The top 3 screenshots show the "slider based" morphing in progress and it affects the whole angel. The 4:th screenshot shows lightbased morphing in progress, the angel is "good" where the red light hits her and "evil" in the blue light. The large screenshot show the volumetric lightning and fog with shadows cast through it.

    Credits: Programming, Fredrik Mäkeläinen
    Graphics, Oskar Holmstrand

    More info about the project, executable, video etc, can be found at It currently only runs on nVidia 6x00 cards beacuse of ps 3.0 and depth texture requirements.

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    March 23, 2005, 10:01 AM

    Very impressive stuff!
    I would recommend people to actually download either the video or executable since imo these effects are much better viewed with motion

    Keep up the good work


    March 24, 2005, 06:53 AM

    Sorry if this is an extremely dumb question, but...

    It complains about missing d3dx9_24.dll on my machine. I have the latest 9.0c installed, but not the SDK on this particular machine. Should I?


    March 24, 2005, 07:11 AM

    You need to download the February SDK redist update.

    Sorry for this but the february update contained bugfixes regarding the HLSL compiler so i had to switch to it just a few days before the presentation.


    March 24, 2005, 07:45 AM

    Ah ok, I was afraid you were going to say that (I read about the february update). I had planned to keep this computer SDK-free (for distribution-testing, I have run into very similar things in the past with my own applications), but as this is my only machine with a decent Geforce installed I don't really have much choice :D

    Off to install the SDK.

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