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Submitted by Nicolas Capens, posted on January 13, 2005

Image Description, by Nicolas Capens

It's been quite a while since I showed anything new here so I'll tease you with this cryptic development image of my project; swShader. The reason why I have been this quiet lately is not because I'm phasing things out, on the contrary, I'm too busy turning it into a finished product!

The image is a screenshot of the WHQL DCT, which is a free Direct3D conformance test suite from Microsoft. I've only recently started using it, but I expect it will be quite useful to test swShader's capabilities. The screenshot shows the simplest test of all, which checks whether pixels are filled correctly by comparing it to the reference rasterizer. Even with this simple test I detected a bug in the swShader render core and several in my Direct3D interface implementation. The good news is that things -can- now become practically bugfree.

Ironically, I was able to run a popular game before being able to run DCT tests! Of course most of you would rather see a screenshot of the game, but I'm keeping that for later to have a bigger impact. And let's face it, passing DCT tests is a more important breakthrough. ;-) I'm also in close contact with a company willing to invest in it so I can finally make some good money with it. That's probably bad news for anyone who wished to work with it for free, but I promise I'll keep contributing to the community as much as I can!

If you haven't already, please visit my new homepage for some more information:

Best regards,
Nicolas "Nick" Capens

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January 18, 2005, 06:41 PM

Refrast suffers from the same rendering problems as my R9600Pro here.
But at the low framerate it's rather hard to see, since you can't really see the light moving.
What you should be looking at is some parts on the doors and on the engine cover that always stay partly gray, while they should ofcourse become totally black when the lightsource is behind them.
With my original shaders and with swShader using these shaders, they do go totally black (or well, ambient colour. In fact, turn the ambient colour up to something freaky, and it becomes more obvious that not everything is 'unlit' when it should be) when the lightsource is behind them, but not in refrast or on DX8/DX9 hardware.

I have marked what is probably the most obvious spot:

Jacco Bikker

January 19, 2005, 04:14 AM

Relax Nick, don't answer that. :)

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