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Submitted by Alexander Stockinger, posted on November 01, 2004

Image Description, by Alexander Stockinger

What you see here is my little toy engine (heavy OOP) I like to play with a lot... I just found the time to plug in ODE 0.5 and I really love the actual simplicity of that rigid body physics engine - so I simply had to post that image.

And here come the engine's features:
  • Normal mapping
  • Depth shadow mapping
  • Extensive material system
  • Multipass rendering
  • Rigid body physics (through ODE)
  • Support for a few 3D formats (MD5, Dawn NMB, MAX through a exporter plugin)
  • Should run on XBOX (I wouldn't know - don't have a XDK)
  • Still missing:
  • Sound
  • Some decent apps / games
  • Networking
  • Scriptable materials
  • (your favourite feature goes here)
  • I intend to release the source under the GPL for ages now but never find the time to actually do it. I already set up a sourceforge project featuring a discussion board, a mailing list and a wiki, but I guess that doesn't make much sense without releasing it I guess.

    To see more screenshots please visit:


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    Toni Mäkinen

    November 01, 2004, 10:31 AM

    Looking VERY nice, XBOX you say? And you dont have XDK, dont tell me that OpenXDK has evolved this far? Then I've missed alot :)

    edit: I look it again, and you said it 'should' run on XBOX and I checked OpenXDK would not run that kind of graphics (atleast not yet).

    Alexander Stockinger

    November 01, 2004, 10:59 AM

    There's lots of open source XBOX projects out there to get a hang of the differences - and they aren't really that big. But oh well - we'll most probably know if it works out once I release the source...


    Luke Hodorowicz

    November 01, 2004, 02:56 PM

    Nice pic.

    Looks like you have spheres and boxes supported, have you tried ODE's triangle collision stuff? I've always wondered what the performance of it was and never spent the time to find out.

    Now for some more fun write your own rigid body simulator. Its quite fun!

    I assume you're using ps.1.x and DirectX 8(since you say it may run on xbox). Why not switch to a ps.2.0 path to get rid of some of those extra passes and do some fancier things with the shaders?


    Alexander Stockinger

    November 01, 2004, 03:30 PM

    True, currently I only have boxes and spheres. TriMesh stuff is yet to be tested, but for most real-world applications meshes can be approximated fairly well using those built-in classes.

    As far as writing my own rigid body simulator goes, I believe it'd be quite some fun, but ODE works fine for the moment and I'd like to focus on the task at hand - getting the source to a releaseable state.

    Yes, it is DX8, and a main goal is to be able to have it running on XBOX, so ps2.0 is currently out of question. Which doesn't mean a version 2.0 of the engine won't use DX9 / Next and support more sophisticated shaders. I'd really like to get rid of multipass rendering (since it's a huge performance eater) and open the door for fancier effects indeed. Yet, I again prefer to stick to the task at hand.

    But thanks for your ideas.



    November 01, 2004, 11:04 PM

    Looks really good! Pretty cool shaders and shadows, too.

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