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Submitted by Sylvain Lefebvre, posted on October 23, 2004

Image Description, by Sylvain Lefebvre

Etees: The Nut is Nut Enough. This is the first game project I worked on with my friend Alexis Angelidis. We actually started the project in 1999. After working on it during our spare time for almost two years, the project got lost in the deep unexplored undergrounds of my computer's hard drive. Recently, after a frog suddenly jumped through my apartment window directly into my overclocked GPU fan, I suddenly remembered about Etees and thought it may be great to put the project online. And here it is.

The Story: Small but unfriendly creatures, the Etees, have just invaded the Earth, enslaved the Frogs and destroyed Humanity. And why? Just to create a huge devastated land where they can play their favorite game: fighting for nuts. So, have fun, and do not forget that this was a first project, so it is absolutely far from perfect and contains (lots of) bugs.

The Game: The goal of the game is to take small nuts (enclosed in red capsules) that are at some random places on the ground. Once you have taken one you must bring it back in the middle of the terrain, under the tree. Be careful, your opponents are not friendly people. If you are hit by an explosion, you will lose your nuts.

The game can be downloaded from this page. Two players can play simultaneously in split screen mode. Comments are welcome !

Behind the scenes: Lots of visual debug information can be displayed. Simply hit [TAB] (the console appears), enter map (a map appears), then enter debug. Do not forget to close the console ([TAB]) since it takes the keyboard focus.

You will see all the forces applied to the cars, the targets of the opponent's AI (well, Etees are actually rather stupid creatures ;-), and other stuff that I forgot about. The physics of the vehicles is simple: the car is considered as a solid and the dampers are springs with a straightforward (and unstable) Euler integration. By hitting [z] you will be able to change all the car physics parameters through a small settings window.

The terrain rendering is very simple (grid of display lists (OpenGL) selected by a frustum culling), and quite slow since it is not stored as triangle strips and there is no lod (remember: first project, back to 1999 - at the time, the terrain was using 8 times less triangles). The first implementation was using ROAM lod. Due to the CPU workload (and I must admit poor implementation), this was actually taking more time than feeding the GPU with all the triangles and doing per tiles frustum culling ! The smoke effect of the main menu is done with the following technique. The most difficult thing with this project was to create a game with all the required elements: nice menus, bonuses, some random physics and a windowing system (hmmm, not trully essential) - oh and well, I almost forgot - exploding frogs.

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Kurt Miller

October 23, 2004, 12:05 AM

Ok, pretty much everything about that demo and description had me crackin up laughing. The storyline, the loading screen, the menu selection interface, the little details (like the writer on the newspaper), and so on-- all funny stuff. Nice work. The game itself was a little confusing, but it was kind of fun driving around, running into stuff.

The only problem I experienced was sometimes the mouse window (like on the menus) would stick to my cursor, so I couldn't click anything-- and moving the cursor around moved the whole translucent window.

And finally, since I know someone else will no doubt say something about it, the following bit from your description just might scare some people: "Be careful, your opponents are not friendly people. If you are hit by an explosion, you will lose your nuts." :) Kidding.

Victor Widell

October 23, 2004, 06:20 AM

Missing files:


I dah to download them manually, wich sucks. But the game worked great.

I really like the interface, but it has some quirks. Mainly, it does'nt work to click the meny items (like 1player, 2player, options). Also, the frog-execution in the load-scene is kind of gory.

The game itself is pretty fun. The steering is way to sluggish, though, and the wheel springs and dampers are extremely soft. I guess it is a way to hide the unstable physics...

Oh, and I love the credits-tuns-into-smoke effect and the ash highligting the menu items.


October 23, 2004, 06:41 AM

Looks awesome! Looks really colourful and funny. Keep up the good work!

Samuel Hornus

October 23, 2004, 06:53 AM

Wazaa, ca y est, la sortie en pompe de Etees :-)
Good work... I hope our 2 current projects will soon make 2 new IOTDs!

Tobias Franke

October 23, 2004, 07:03 AM

The story and the whole graphics set (espescially the little Etees you select as your opponents) are hilarious! Congrats to that. I also liked that chat sequences during the game: "My lightsaber is longer than yours", "The enemy can't press a button, if you disable his hand"...

On the other hand, I had some trouble with the menus. Only after my third try I was able to access the game itself. Before that, when I tried to click on "1 Player", the selection focus was on "2 Player". Clicking on "2 Player" made the focus go to the third menu entry etc. I also had 2 times when the mouse moved the "Main Window" arround and did nothing else.

Apart from that, very nice work!

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