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Submitted by Vander Nunes, posted on April 22, 2002

Image Description, by Vander Nunes

This is a screenshot of the Flares Generator I wrote for the WorldMap 3D project. Nothing really special, just an utility to make flares creation easier.

The generator is scripted, and the final image is a result of glows and rays layers blending. Each layer has its own parameters, like color ranges and alpha transparency. It is possible to add any number of layers to compose the final flare. Preview and Production resolutions are configurable, so it can render the preview flares in realtime while they are being created, and then render in high resolution for the final image.

Although the screenshot shows only a few variations, in my testings I was able to create very different compositions, so I think it is actually a valuable tool, at least for me. =) It is quite easy to expand with new layer types, although for WorldMap just glows and rays were sufficient.

I need to finish some details here and there, before releasing it for downloading. As it is every time a great experience to post an IOTD at Flipcode, here it is.

Vander Nunes

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April 22, 2002, 07:12 PM

... addressed to MC BAXTON ...

Please someday soon post an iotd of your own. I know you have have something everyone wants to hiding away. Show these wannabes who you really are someday while I still care to visit flipcode.

Dont worry about losing your loser/troll image after everyone sees your work. Just make a new account and start over again.


April 22, 2002, 07:42 PM

well its possible


April 22, 2002, 07:55 PM

Can't someone just ban him allready? Where's the quality control? :P


April 22, 2002, 08:32 PM


Another brilliant quote, brought to you as always by MC BAXTON.


April 22, 2002, 09:25 PM

WHat ? I have no right to make typos ? ;p


April 22, 2002, 09:26 PM

COngrats ... your first post


April 22, 2002, 10:51 PM

Okay troll, it aint any more powerfull then photoshop or psp and you cant even compare it to 3dsmax as they are ment for completly differnt things bozo.


April 22, 2002, 11:08 PM

--> Buster sets +b for MC BAXTON


April 22, 2002, 11:17 PM

You make it sound as if his IOTD will suck. If he did post one and it was good would everyone forgive his prior posts? I don't think so. I think the point to be made is that it is ludicrous to see Baxton posting 4+ messages per day with majority of them being non-IOTD related.

He is like a little child. Ignore him long enough and he will go away. Following my own advice I won't ever post about him again.

< begans to ponder if will add an "ignore specific user" feature for logged in users... >

Decimal Dave

April 22, 2002, 11:28 PM

Very impressive...This looks like a fairly powerful and scalable system.

I couldn't tell from the description, but is each layer generated by your software, or must it be imported from another source? Can this utility do anything above some of the commercial flare packages (like Knoll Light Factory)?


April 22, 2002, 11:53 PM

Wow, that's a great idea, yeah, we need to get the "ignore" feature enabled, let this technology work for us!! That's a great idea man!


April 23, 2002, 01:50 AM

Why not just do a rep outsb?

Rasmus Christian Kaae

April 23, 2002, 01:58 AM


isn't this just a GUI for this code : ??

Vander Nunes

April 23, 2002, 02:19 AM

Delphi 3

Vander Nunes

April 23, 2002, 02:38 AM

The layers are generated by the software.

You start with a black window, then define a glow or ray (you see the preview while adjusting parameters), then add this layer to the script. Any number of layers can be created. When you want you can "play" the script and see how the composition is in the final form. Finally, you save the image to be used by other programs.

I wrote this tool to generate a nice Sun for one other application (that app is at, my site).

I took a look at the Knoll Light Factory features page -- that is a nice program. This one here is to create the cosmetic appearance of a single flare. As an example (in theory), you could create a nice, original flare type to be used by Knoll Light Factory.

But I actually found KLF quite interesting, particularly the "Spectacular Filter". Looking the figure at Pinnacle, I guess it detects the light spots in the scene, and start rendering effects over the spots. One thing was not clear, though: is it in realtime or over a recorded video?

Vander Nunes

April 23, 2002, 02:41 AM

No, it is not. I wrote all the code by myself.


April 23, 2002, 05:04 AM

No, it's not his first post.
And just out of interest, how old are you MC BAXTON..?


April 23, 2002, 05:11 AM

I believe he meant the lens flare generator, which both photoshop and 3d studio have.

So technically he was right.

And I doubt he's a troll, if I remember rightly he wrote one of the best 3d tutorials around some years ago.

** Sigh ** So many people looking to flame someone these days.


April 23, 2002, 05:25 AM

Good work. Writing tools is very important, and writing them fast is an important skill. Please give us a link to download (and test for bugs of course :) this tool as soon as possible.
Sorry for off-topic, which follows, but i wonder, if there is some kind configurable filters, to filter out somebody's replies? They shure would be useful. I meant filters to hide author's replies from my eyes, never to be seen again. Or at least until i reconfigure filters.


April 23, 2002, 05:41 AM


Don't you see? Millions of people are craving for your IOTD! :p

Luke Philpot

April 23, 2002, 05:51 AM

That's great stuff!! I can't wait for the source!!


April 23, 2002, 06:11 AM

Interesting you say that. Every damn flare gen code i've seen has been "inspired and based" upon that code ;-)

Decimal Dave

April 23, 2002, 12:23 PM

KNF is implemented as a plugin for various graphics/video packages (such as Photoshop). It's primarily designed for pre-generating flares and other additive filters, rather than RT. The "Spectacular" effect you mentioned is actually possible to do in real-time (some newer games even implement it). There is a current discussion in the OGL forums on how one could possibly do this:

Rasmus Christian Kaae

April 23, 2002, 12:50 PM

Which was the cause for my concern ;-D

[and i bet i'm right].

Vander Nunes

April 23, 2002, 02:57 PM

Well, if I tell you it is my own code, and you don't believe, perhaps you want to go to a court and prove it for us all to see?

Get a live.

Vander Nunes

April 23, 2002, 03:01 PM

*life, instead.

Vander Nunes

April 23, 2002, 04:03 PM

Yes, I'll upload the tool and sources in the next days (give me a week or so). URL:

With regard to the filter, I think Kurt Miller (FlipCode's owner) is working on something. What we have at this moment is the "alert" link at the right to alert moderator about a post.


April 23, 2002, 04:22 PM

Guess thats what happens when half of your sentence is in brackets. Brackets, ..., and the word engines should be banned from flipcode forums

Rasmus Christian Kaae

April 23, 2002, 04:25 PM

Maybe I don't really care, I was merely stating the same point as "TheChicken" that most people who have "lensflaregeneration" is using the mentioned sourcecode. Maybe you didn't use it, but I guess you use somekind of the same algorithms.

Vander Nunes

April 23, 2002, 04:52 PM

Quoting you: "Which was the cause for my concern ;-D [and i bet i'm right]."

OK, even if it sounds a bit insulting, after I saying I didn't use the refered code (and I don't even knew about that one before you pointed), that is all right after all, I don't care either.

But it not only makes me somewhat upset with Open-Source at all, because unfortunately too many people really assume property of others code, but it shows me that lens flare generation is somewhat rare, so my code can be a basis for a good product. =)

Now I'm re-thinking seriously about opening my sources...

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